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How to increase penis size naturally

Tips about how to increase penis size naturally

Monthly Archives: October 2015

How to Increase Your Penis Girth

girthSexologists and sexperts affirm that penis girth matters more than the length during penetration. An average vagina when fully aroused is usually 4 inches long while an average penis can be 5-6 inches long when erect. A thick penis makes more contact with vaginal walls and creates a pleasurable sensation during sex. Girth gives your penis strength and consistency. It makes vaginal opening feel pleasurably full and has associated psychological benefits. There are various penis girth enlargement methods which you can use.

1. Jelqing
Jelqing is a popular exercise for men who want to increase their penile girth. It not only increases the girth but also helps to increase the length as well. To jelq, ensure that your penis is in a semi erect state. Then wrap your fore finger and your thumb at the base of the shaft and gently squeeze. Move your hand slowly towards the head and release the grip just before the tip. Repeat the motion with the other hand. You can perform 20-40 sets per jelq.

Alternatively, you can message your penis in to and fro movement. Jelqing can be dry or wet. Dry jelqing does not involve lubricants while wet do involve. Jelqing works by stretching and straining the spongy tissues in the penis chamber. Apart from increasing the girth, it stimulates blood flow to the penis which helps to increase the stamina and sex power. If you feel any pain when messaging, ease up the grip. When this technique is repeated for few days to several weeks, the desired girth will be gained.

2. Clamping
Clamping involves the use of a ring, a clamping cable or any other device to restrict blood flowing out of the penis while at the same time allowing less blood to flow into. Before clamping, warm up your penis by jelqing or messaging. Clamping allows pressure to build up inside the penis and expands the tissues above the normal erection state. When the tissues are expanded for a multiple of times, the expansion becomes permanent and a permanent girth is achieved. Clamping devices are safe. However, if you experience any pain, discontinue immediately.

3. Flaccid bend
Flaccid bend is another method you can use to increase the girth. It involves placing your fingers at the base of your penis then with the free hand, you bend the shaft over the fingers. You can bend in a forward, backward, right and left motions. Repeat each motion for a specified number of times before changing the direction. Flaccid bend helps to also increase the length.

4. Warm water
Warm water is an easy, fast and effective way to increase your penis girth. The simplest way to do it is directing warm water to your penis when taking a shower. Alternatively, you can wrap the shaft with a warm cloth for a few minutes. Warm water increases the blood flowing to the penis and makes it thicker. When continually repeated, you can achieve a permanent girth but the trick can be used to increase the girth just before having sex.

5. Surgery
A surgery to increase the penis girth involves making an incision in the supra- pubic area and then inserting an implant under the skin. The implant helps the penis stretch out of the pubic area. You can achieve increased girth a few days after the surgery. A maximum girth is achieved 6-8 months after the surgery.

If you have an average penis girth (which is about 5 inches), you should consider increasing your penis girth. It will boost your confidence and make your partner more satisfied in bed. A majority of cheating partners attribute their cheating to less sexual satisfaction. Penis girth enlargement will therefore contribute to a more fulfilling and happy relationship.

Whenever I hear someone rant about how the size of penis does not matter it only matters how you use it, I feel infuriated. My name is Peter Johnson ,reason being, I have lived life on both sides and I can assure you, my small penis before I knew how to increase penis size naturally was a big issue when it came to the bedroom. It was one let down after the other. Being in my early twenties at the time and hearing all my friends brag about how many women they were bedding and how they would always come back for more would always be a kick in the gut for me.