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How to increase penis size naturally

Tips about how to increase penis size naturally

how to increase your penis size

Most Effective Penis Enlargement Foods

You can get a number of considerable health benefits by eating your food properly. Significant change in the length, size and girth of your penis is one of the benefits offered by proper eating of the right type of foods. Some of the penis enlargement foods are discussed in this write-up for your guidance. One more benefit of these foods is that they are safe unlike over-the-counter penis enlargement supplements and drugs. All of these foods are natural which reduces the risk of any side effect.

Best foods for penis enlargement

All the foods discussed below are easily for prepared at a reasonable price in your nearby market. They may include:


Salmon: The foods that can help in generating a healthy flow of blood into your penis can help in attaining inflexible erections easily. Salmon is one of those foods as it is rich in fatty acids like omega-3 which can thin your blood to a great extent to encourage its healthy flow throughout your body.




Onions: It has been proved through various researches that onions can increase blood circulation throughout your body including heart and other body parts like penis in a healthy manner. This flow of blood into the penis improves its erection to a great extent. Along with it, blood clotting can also be prevented by eating onions regularly.





broccoliBroccoli: Normally people do not notice the increase in size and girth of their penis even after eating healthy foods. But broccoli is one of the medicines that help in making your pelvic muscles strong. Other alternative vegetables you can eat to replace broccoli are tomatoes, carrots and sweet potatoes etc.







Bananas: They are good not only for the flow of blood but for your heart also. It is also recommended as extremely effective food for the enlargement of penis.








Dark ChocolateDark Chocolate: A Phytochemical, Flavonol, present in dark chocolate is also found in wide variety of beverages and plant-based foods. But people rarely know this fact that the foods containing flavonol can also be beneficial in increasing the flow of blood towards their penis. Dark chocolate is more popular among such foods due to its amazing taste.



Low Fat YogurtLow Fat Yogurt: It is one of the natural foods which can enlarge your penis due to the availability of high amounts of lean protein in them.






EggsEggs: They not only provide some amount of extra protein but also help in controlling your hormonal levels along with building the tissues of your penis.





honeyHoney: High levels of vitamin B found in honey also help in increasing the production of testosterone that encourages libido in men.








FigFigs: High amount of organic amino acids found in figs can help in boosting libido and sexual stamina in men.









Garlic: A compound, allicin, is found in abundance in garlic, like onions. It helps in increasing the flow of blood in your entire body including penis along with protecting your heart from various ailments.






So whenever you go to market next time you should buy some penis enlargement foods discussed above for your personal use.

Penis enlargement foods

penis enlargement foods

Every man wishes to have larger pension because it is a major issues that affects a large number of people but there are some a large number of penis enlargement foods that can be used for obtaining few more inches. There are different others methods that can be utilized for enlarging the penis size which include penis enlarging exercises, penis enlarging pumps, penis enlargement surgery and herbal pills. These methods might or might not work but if you want to increase the size of your penis then you can opt for a more secure and affordable methods then you should look for foods that will assist you to increase the penis size. Eating a proper and balanced meat offers a large number of health benefits particularly increasing the length and girth of penis. These foods are safe, healthy and cheap as these are the reasons why you should consume these foods as it does not any kind of side effects. 

The most effective penis enlargement foods include-

Bananas– potassium found in bananas can assist in enhancing heart health which will eventually help you to gain few inches successfully along with improving blood circulation. With healthy heart and better blood circulation, the growth of your penis will be an easier task. Hence you should eat bananas as it will help you in keeping the level of sodium of your body low which is very important for your penis health.

salmon is rich in heart healthy fatty oil like omega as it can help in thinning of the blood that will lead to lowering viscosity for helping in better blood circulation in your body. Thus with healthy blood flow, you can accomplish a stiffer and stronger erections.

onions are an important food that can assist in better blood circulation and prevention of blood clotting. Hence it can eventually help in enhancing blood circulation to your heart and penis too. It can also make your penis stiffer so that you can achieve powerful erections with the growth of penis.

Vitamin A supplement
it is considered as an anti-bacterial vitamin that can fight against any infections affecting your penis. Foods rich in vitamin A include carrots, sweet potatoes, squash and butternut.

Vitamin B5
it helps in improving recovery speed of penis after exercising that can promote penis enlargement. This vitamin can also help in making your penis to work at its peak performance as it is the desired results that you are looking for.

L-Arginine is known to assist men with erectile dysfunction and also proven to promote penis tissue expansion. It is also called as the key penis enlargement vitamin and the food rich in this vitamin include beef flank steak, pine nuts, oats and tuna. 

Penis enlargement foods are popular among men who are looking for a safe, natural and effective way of enhancing the size of the penis. These foods are far more beneficial than the other penis enlargement methods like surgery, pills and other methods that helps in enhancing the size of penis. 

Penis Length Enlargement

Penis length enlargement, sometimes euphemistically referred to as male enhancement is an assortment techniques intended to increase the length, girth or erectile rigidity of the human penis. However, most men who go for male enhancement often seek to enlarge the length of their penis; it’s without doubt something that most men draw pride from. Procedures for penis enlargement range from stretching devices to manual exercises and procedures, with reports from all procedures filing both successes and failures around the globe. As such it is of utmost importance that before you make up your mind on which technique to use, that you positively carry out a thorough research on it. Additionally, there are outright hoaxes, together with fraudulent product meant to lure unsuspecting fellows, some of which side effects can be rather serious and unrepeatable.

This article thus endeavors to educate the public on the various penis enlargement procedures being used currently, as well as to highlight both their pros and cons together with their success rates. Common male enhancement procedures include:

Surgery is the most expensive procedures of all, and requires proper consideration before embarking on to this journey. Surgical treatments vary, depending on what is intended to be achieved. As a note of caution, you should steer clear away from unlicensed surgeons who may promise to carry out the operation at discounted rate. Most of them have proven to be unqualified and have bestowed serious complications to different people.

Pills and Supplement
Penis enlargement patches, pills, and ointments are nowadays so common and are even “vendored” over the internet. As effective as these products may be, or claimed to be, most of them have not been tested for safety and side effects.

Use of Penis pum
A penis pump is technically a cylinder that is fitted with either a manual or motorized pump to create fractional vacuum around the penis, allowing blood to flow in consequence to an engorgement. Basically, regardless of the design, penis pumps are designed to effect the increase of blood pressure within the blood vessels of the penis. This method is still under debate as to whether its effective or not. The method however has scored highly when it comes to temporarily curing the symptoms of impotence, but is equally dangerous when overused.

Jelqing is a technique that is intended to increase the length of the penis by increasing the blood pressure of and circulation around the penis area. It’s done by repeatedly stroking the penis in a somewhat squeezing motion from the base to the shaft up to the corona of the glans. The process of stroking the penis is called milking and there are devices that have been created to ease the process.

Of all the male enhancement procedures, clamping is the risky and most dangerous of all. The method utilizes constricting devices such as a cable clamp, a shoe string, and sometimes even a tight cock ring. The ring is to be attached at the base of an erect penis while masturbating. Given that blood is trapped in the penis, the ring can sometimes prove difficult to remove, thereby calling for emergency amputation. You should thus be aware of the fact that clamping can cause permanent and irrevocable damages.

In conclusion, it is important that you consult a professional before you try any of these methods. As for the pills and supplements, you are advised to check and countercheck the product so as to ascertain that it is from a trusted vendor and that you are not being scammed.

How To Increase Penis Size Naturally

Are you always concerned about the size of your penis? You aren’t alone. There are lots of men out there who are concerned about the same issue as well, especially those who subscribe to the notion that ‘bigger is better’. This is most probably because every man understands that penile size is a crucial factor in making sex enjoyable and satisfying.

But in as much as every man understands the importance of penile size when it comes to pleasing women in bed, the truth however is that only a handful of men have a big penis. For this reason, a good number of men nowadays are spending a significant amount of their time and money trying as many methods as they can, just for the sake of adding an inch or two to their most valuable body part. If you are among these men and you have tried loads of things to increase your penis size but you are yet to see any desirable results, then it is imperative you come into a realization that there are some natural ways you can use to add a few inches to your penis devoid of using creams and pills, or resorting to surgery.

There are many program claimed that they can help people to  increase their penis size naturally. Recently, my friend “Candow “has written a book which I think is very useful for the people who would like to increase their penile size. I’d like to recommend this book to you.  Candow’s Book

Here is a step –by-step guide on how to increase penis size naturally that is worth your read, particularly if you are ever concerned about the size of your penis.

  1. Try penis enlargement exercises

Penis enlargement exercises offer a simple and cost effective way of adding a couple of inches to the penis. They are regarded as the oldest form of penis enlargement. Below are some of the penis enlargement exercises that are worth giving a try if you want to increase your penis size naturally.

Jelqing -The penis enlargement exercise is effective and easy to do. Before getting started with this exercise, make sure your penis is partially erect , thanks to the fact that you will not get desirable results if you try the exercise when your penis is in flaccid state. The aim of this exercise is to improve blood flow from the base of the penis to the glans, hence increasing its size over time. Once your penis is partially erect, follow these steps.

  • Lubricate your penis using oil, body cream or lotion
  • Grab the base of your penis
  • Massage the shaft upwards toward the glans
  • Do this as many times as you can in a day, but don’t overdo it lest you end up causing discomfort to your penis

Stretching exercise-The penile enlargement exercise is quite beneficial for beginners. It basically entails stretching the penis when it is in flaccid state. It is quite simple and straightforward, for all you have to do is follow these simple steps.

  • Grasp the tip of your penis.
  • Pull in gently and stretch it outward right in front of you
  • Hold the stretch for at least 1o to 3o seconds before releasing it back.
  • Do this as many times as you can in a day, but don’t apply too much force when stretching the penis to avoid causing discomfort.

Kegels -Kegels are not only beneficial to women’s health in several ways, but they can also help men add an inch or two to their penis as well. In addition, they can further give you harder, stronger and longer erections. They are mainly used for penis enlargement because they enhance blood flow in the penis. Kegels are pretty straightforward for all you need to do is move your hand up and down along the shaft of the penis, as if you were masturbating. Do this several times a day in order to get desirable results.

  1. Try using penis extenders

Penis extenders are small devices that are attached to a flaccid penis once it is stretched to the maximum. Penis extenders work on the penis stretching principle, but they involve the use of mechanical devices to hold the stretch for a long duration of time. They are normally put under the clothes and there aren’t visible. Here is how you can use penis extenders to increase the size of your penis.

  • Ensure your penis is partially erect
  • Stretch it a bit and put one ring of the penis extender on the base of your penis, and put the other ring behind the head of the penis
  • Put a soft comfort pad into the penis extender and then pull its loop down gently until the head of the penis is secure
  • Adjust the tension level of the penis extender so as to stretch the penis to the maximum
  • Wear loose -fitting sweat pants or shorts so that the penis extender can work effectively
  1. Use a penis pump

Penis pumps also offer a great way of increasing penis size naturally. They are designed to expand the penile tissues and fill them with blood, consequently helping in increasing penis size over time. Here is how to use a penis pump for purposes of increasing penis size.

  • Place the tube of the penis pump over your penis
  • Use an electric pump or hand pump(depending on the model of the pump) for purposes of creating vacuum inside the tube. This will bring blood into the penis. · Place a constriction ring around the base of the penis in order to hold the blood inside the penis, hence helping you maintain the erection and hold the blood inside the penile tissues for a long duration of time.
  • Repeat this several times a day and ensure the erections are lasting longer so that you can get desirable results over time.
  1. Go herbal

There are a number of herbs you can use for purposes of stimulating your penis, hence increasing its size over time. Below are a couple of them.

  • Ginseng-There is sufficient scientific evidence that shows that this Korean herb can increase penile size. Again, men who regularly use it experience better sexual function as well. To add a few inches to your penis, simply consume the herb as a tea on a daily basis and you will notice some desirable results after a couple of weeks.
  • Ginkgo biloba- the herb is widely known for boosting memory. It can further help with blood circulation, hence making it suitable for enhancing blood flow to the penis. Research conducted by scholars at the University of California revealed that the herb can increase penis size and also help men deal with sexual dysfunction problems as well. The herb can be used as herbal tea.

With this step-by-step guide on how to increase penis size naturally, you will definitely get a bigger penis and you will no longer be concern about penis size any more.

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The Penis Growth Guide

Penis Growth GuideTypically, what every man wants is to have a bigger manhood. This is not for a show off, but just to please his special lady. The penis is a very important part of the man’s body and even though some claim that size is not an issue, it really is to most men. Many men are looking for solutions to make their little man bigger, in order to avoid unnecessary embarrassments.

Here is a look at the penis growth guide, with regard to how you can naturally grow your penis; By Exercising With the exercises, it isn’t all about the physical workouts in a gym, rather, you will perform specific exercises to your penis. You should know by now that your penis is made up of muscles and blood vessels, meaning that it can easily stretch. Any type of muscle will extend, when it is flexed severally, so here is a guide on some of the exercises you might want to apply to make your little guy grow bigger;

  • Stretching it

This is a method that has worked in many cases, though it is also slightly delicate. You must not pull the penis too much, or you might experience some pain. With this exercise, you will need to boost its inches, but not the thickness. Here is
how to do it; Start by holding the head firmly, but ensure that you feel comfortable, even when you hold it firmly. When you have held it, start pulling and stretching it in front, until you feel it stretching at the base, but be keen not to cause any pain. Maintain that position for about 10 to 30 seconds, then release it. You can rest or about 10 to 20 seconds and repeat it for five to ten minutes every day. Stretch it out in all directions, including, between the thighs, towards your stomach, to the right and the left as well.

  • Pulling it backwards

With the backwards technique, it can be very delicate and dangerous as well. For that, you will need to learn how you can do it in the right manner. Here is how you will go about it; Hold the base of your penis head, at the end of the skin ending with one hand, then use the other to hold the base of the penis, then pull the hands in the opposite directions and hold for about 10 seconds. When you pull the penis, you should feel it stretching inside, however, if there is any uncommon feeling, you should stop it immediately. This can be done for about five minutes every day, but ensure that you take rest in between the pulling. Ensure that you stop pulling the shaft when you notice any discomfort.

  • The Kegel technique

With this method, it is somewhat tricky and it can be challenging as well. With this method, you will need to know where the Pubococcygeus muscle is located. This is found below the penis, whereby, you will hold or press it, in order to stop the flow of urine. This should be done when you are urinating and you should try to press in the specific muscle and stop the flow of urine for some seconds. You will need to hold it as you release severally and it should be done for about 20 to 30 times. You can try to contract this muscle several times and when you have mastered it, you can do it more frequently.


There are also some specific foods that help to increase the size of your penis naturally and they include the bananas, salmon and onions. With the bananas, there is a content of potassium found in them, which boosts the circulation of blood, which has a connection with the penis. Salmon contains Omega 3 which has proved to give men a stiffer and stronger erection. Onions help in the blood circulation around the heart and the penis.


There are also specific supplements that help to boost the size of the penis, though some can cause severe side effects. For that reason, you will need to contact your doctor before using any type of supplement to boost your penis size.

This is the penis growth guide that will help you grow your little man naturally, especially when you stick to the exercises and the foods. With the supplements, they are not exactly suggested, since they can be too extreme, they have no limits.

How to enlarge your pennies with your hands

enlargepeniswithhandHow to enlarge your pennies with your hands. An enlarged penis is the heritage of any man. Regardless of its size, men always desire to have a bigger penis than what they really have. Many men with an average size penis usually look out for possible ways to enlarge them. An enlarged penis works as a boost in confidence during intimate moments. There are some men who can maintain an erection for a short period. Usually, if a man and a woman start quarrelling and accusing each other of cheating, know that there is something wrong with their sexual life.

Most marriages break up due to a man having a small penis; hence the strong erection is not achieved. There is nothing depressing and humiliating for a man like being impotent or having a small penis. Recent medical studies have tested and proven that penis enlargement exercises can increase penis girth and length. Besides increasing penis size, these exercises can keep a stronger and long lasting erection and cure premature ejaculation.

By just appropriately using your hands, you can achieve this. Some of the benefits of penis enlargement exercises are increased ability to maintain stronger and long-lasting reaction each time, making your bedtime longer. Additionally, they increase the amount of semen produced when ejaculating and improved overall sex control and performance. Best of all, your penis grows bigger and thicker. After you have achieved this, be assured that your partner will respect and cherish you more. The regular quarrels over your failing sexual prowess will end with a thicker and bigger penis. The following three methods to show you briefly how to get started with enlarging penis size your hands:

  1. Jelqing method

This is the oldest penis enhancement method known to man. It involves the use of your hands to stroke your pains thus increasing the amount of blood flow to the penis while filling the Corpora Cavernous. This makes your penis visibly thicker and bigger. If you regularly perform this exercise, you can permanently increase the penis size very fast.

  1. Penis Stretching

This involves stretching your penis without pain. This makes your pens tissues stretch and cells begin growing thereby increasing your penis size.

  1. Kegel Exercises

These exercises can help you to keep a strong erection throughout and last longer in bed. They can strengthen the pubococcygeus muscle that is used to delay erection. Once you have successfully trained this muscle, you can get multiple orgasms and strengthen the penis to shoot semen farther and control premature ejaculation accurately.

In conclusion, dietary habits play a vital role in increasing penis size and your sexual prowess. Some food can promote penis growth while others can some weaken it. It is advisable that you stop eating foods containing saturated fat. A lot of fat cannot help you in getting your manhood bigger. You also need to quit drinking alcohol and smoking. All these factors can greatly bar you from achieving your goal (enlarged penis). Instead, you can eat foods like onion, ginger and green vegetables. Additionally, you need to take some fruits like apple and cherry.

Whenever I hear someone rant about how the size of penis does not matter it only matters how you use it, I feel infuriated. My name is Peter Johnson ,reason being, I have lived life on both sides and I can assure you, my small penis before I knew how to increase penis size naturally was a big issue when it came to the bedroom. It was one let down after the other. Being in my early twenties at the time and hearing all my friends brag about how many women they were bedding and how they would always come back for more would always be a kick in the gut for me.