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How to increase penis size naturally

Tips about how to increase penis size naturally

Natural foods for penis enlargement

Most Effective Penis Enlargement Foods

You can get a number of considerable health benefits by eating your food properly. Significant change in the length, size and girth of your penis is one of the benefits offered by proper eating of the right type of foods. Some of the penis enlargement foods are discussed in this write-up for your guidance. One more benefit of these foods is that they are safe unlike over-the-counter penis enlargement supplements and drugs. All of these foods are natural which reduces the risk of any side effect.

Best foods for penis enlargement

All the foods discussed below are easily for prepared at a reasonable price in your nearby market. They may include:


Salmon: The foods that can help in generating a healthy flow of blood into your penis can help in attaining inflexible erections easily. Salmon is one of those foods as it is rich in fatty acids like omega-3 which can thin your blood to a great extent to encourage its healthy flow throughout your body.




Onions: It has been proved through various researches that onions can increase blood circulation throughout your body including heart and other body parts like penis in a healthy manner. This flow of blood into the penis improves its erection to a great extent. Along with it, blood clotting can also be prevented by eating onions regularly.





broccoliBroccoli: Normally people do not notice the increase in size and girth of their penis even after eating healthy foods. But broccoli is one of the medicines that help in making your pelvic muscles strong. Other alternative vegetables you can eat to replace broccoli are tomatoes, carrots and sweet potatoes etc.







Bananas: They are good not only for the flow of blood but for your heart also. It is also recommended as extremely effective food for the enlargement of penis.








Dark ChocolateDark Chocolate: A Phytochemical, Flavonol, present in dark chocolate is also found in wide variety of beverages and plant-based foods. But people rarely know this fact that the foods containing flavonol can also be beneficial in increasing the flow of blood towards their penis. Dark chocolate is more popular among such foods due to its amazing taste.



Low Fat YogurtLow Fat Yogurt: It is one of the natural foods which can enlarge your penis due to the availability of high amounts of lean protein in them.






EggsEggs: They not only provide some amount of extra protein but also help in controlling your hormonal levels along with building the tissues of your penis.





honeyHoney: High levels of vitamin B found in honey also help in increasing the production of testosterone that encourages libido in men.








FigFigs: High amount of organic amino acids found in figs can help in boosting libido and sexual stamina in men.









Garlic: A compound, allicin, is found in abundance in garlic, like onions. It helps in increasing the flow of blood in your entire body including penis along with protecting your heart from various ailments.






So whenever you go to market next time you should buy some penis enlargement foods discussed above for your personal use.

Natural foods for penis enlargement

natural_foodsPenis size is a big issue for many men. However, most of them do not know how to get started when they want to increase their penile size. There are many methods that are often used to increase the penis size from penis enlargement pills to surgeries and pumps. But the safest way to gain those extra inches is to use natural solutions. Natural solutions in this case include making dietary changes and performing penis enlarging exercises. Following a proper diet can have a dramatic impact on your penile size. Here are the best natural foods for penis enlargement.

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Many studies suggest that men who have successfully gained inches often have healthy hearts. Banana is rich in potassium which is essential for heart health and helps improve blood circulation. It is this healthy heart and good blood circulation that makes penis enlargement achievable. Eating bananas regularly will also help reduce the sodium level in the body which plays an important role in preventing heart-related conditions.

Salmon is rich in omega 3 fatty acids which helps in blood thinning (reducing blood viscosity). This in turn will help improve blood circulation around the body. According to many studies, a healthy blood circulation is the most important factor when it comes to penis enlargement.

Blood clogs are the major reason why many men suffer from decreased blood circulation. Onions contain a phytochemical that helps prevent the blood from clotting or clogging. Adding onions into your meals will enhance blood flow to various parts of the body, including the penis, thereby helping you attain a bigger penis size.

L-arginine is an amino acid that increases blood flow, making the penis get bigger during erections. According to a study conducted at Tel Aviv University, some men experienced considerable improvements after consuming L-arginine for 6 weeks. L-arginine is available in many natural food stores.

Watermelon has properties that may help increase the duration and size of erections in the same way as arginine. Watermelon has an amino acid known as citrulline, which is converted into arginine and causes the dilation of blood vessels. Apart from increasing penile size, watermelon is considered a super food for general men’s health and so you won’t go wrong by eating lots of it.

Ginseng contains a natural component called ginsenosides which can boost the nervous system. While there is no scientific evidence to suggest that ginseng increases the penis size, men who have used ginseng extract report better sexual function after using the herb for several weeks.

Ginkgo biloba
This herb helps with blood circulation and can stimulate blood flow to the penis. Ginkgo is particularly most effective at helping men on antidepressants that cause sexual dysfunction. Unlike many other penis enlargement options, gingko has very few side effects. The herb is widely available in food stores.

From this discussion, you can see that having a healthy blood circulation is a key factor in penis enlargement and achieving stronger erections. In addition to including the aforementioned natural foods for penis enlargement in your diet, try to eat more fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean meats. Moreover, eliminate junk, fatty, sugary and processed foods from your diet.

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